Blood pressure 130/130

Is a blood pressure of 130/130 normal?

A blood pressure of 130/130 is considered to be grade 3 hypertension. The existence of grade 3 hypertension means that there are high blood pressure value with respect to what is considered normal.

How to measure the blood pressure?

In order to measure blood pressure levels, you should:

  • Take your blood pressure after 5 minutes of rest.
  • You should not have taken any stimulating substances (caffeine, tobacco...).
  • It should be measured sitting with the sword resting on the back of the chair.
  • It should be measured on the dominant arm, since blood pressure is higher.
  • While taking the blood pressure to know if you have a level of 130/130, the patient should not speak so as not to affect the values marked.

Once the blood pressure is taken with a blood pressure monitor, two values will be observed, which must have the following values to be a 130/130:

  • The systolic blood pressure, which is the value shown above, should be between 130 and 139 mm/Hg.
  • The diastolic blood pressure, which is the value shown below, should be between 130 and 139 mm/Hg.

When determining the pressure, the tens figure is removed and measured without mentioning them. If the systolic is between 130 and 139 and the diastolic between 130 and 139 mm/Hg, the pressure is 130/130.

Blood pressure values

The following is the classification of blood pressure values proposed by the American Heart Association. The table shows the values ordered from most to least optimal levels:

CategorySistolic (mm Hg)Diastolic (mm Hg)
Hypotension< 120and< 80
Normal120 - 129and80 - 84
Normal - High130 - 139or85 - 89
Grade 1 hypertension140 - 159or90 - 99
Grade 2 hypertension160 - 179or100 - 109
Grade 3 hypertension> = 180or> = 110


Therefore, according to this classification, a value of 130/130 is considered harmful.

It is important to remember that this is an informative website whose purpose is to inform about the meaning of the different parameters that the human body may have. It is recommended to visit a health professional for an accurate diagnosis, since there may be variations between sexes or between physical states, such as pregnancy.

Blood pressure 130/130

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