Average height of men in Samoa

What is the average height of men in Samoa?

In the case of Samoa the average height of men is 174.4 cm.

However, it should be noted that the average height of a Samoan man will vary depending on genetic issues related to family ancestry or age, as average heights will vary depending on the age range of the person.

That is, depending on the generation of a Samoa man, his average height will be one or the other. Normally earlier generations have a smaller average height than later generations.

If a Samoa man is not 174.4, is he a short person?

Not necessarily, since 174.4 cm is an average of the height of Samoa men. But as discussed above, in order to have a correct assessment on whether a height is suitable for a man family history, age and some medical variables such as possible diseases, for example, must be taken into account.

Therefore, a Samoa male cannot be defined as tall or short by reaching a body size above or below 174.4 cm, this assessment should be done by a medical professional.

Average height of men in Samoa

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