Average height in Egypt

What is the average height in Egypt?

For Egypt the average height is 162 cm. However, it should be noted that the height of an Egyptian person will vary depending on gender and age.

Average height of Egypt people according to gender

For genetic reasons there are differences between men and women when taking into account different values of the human body such as height, so to analyze whether the height of a person is around the average, you must take into account the racial factors or origin (country of origin, in this case Egypt) and the gender:

  • Male: 166.7 cm
  • Female: 157.3 cm

If a person from Egypt is not 162 cm tall, is he/she short?

Not necessarily, as 162 centimeters is an average height of people from Egypt. In order to have a correct assessment of whether a height is suitable for a person, family history and some medical variables such as possible diseases, for example, must be taken into account.

Therefore, a person from 162 cannot be defined as tall or short by reaching a body size above or below 162, this assessment should be made by a medical professional.

Average height in Egypt

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